Maesderwen (Llanfrynach) Roman Site

Bath House

Roman bathhouse, mausoleum, possible villa and metalworking site. The bathhouse had at least 12 rooms with mosaic tile and “cement” floors (over hypocausts in two) including a warm bath, 2 cold baths with intermediate and connecting rooms. Finds indicate 3rd/4th century and possibly earlier occupation.

It was uncovered in 1783-4, on a site where building remains had been previously observed in 1698. However, a geophysical survey and test-pitting conducted over an area of 100m by 60m in 1993 and 1997 failed to positively locate the site of the bathhouse, which was likely destroyed following its discovery.

Possible structural features, located at a given NGR, were believed to be related to the bathhouse, situated about 20m to the east of the traditional, mapped location. Meanwhile, remains of two parallel walls, with a distance of 5.2m between them, were found some 30m SSW of the given NGR, and were thought to relate to a second structure, the ‘mausoleum’, that was noted in 1785. Reports of the original discovery mention the discovery of 12 third-fourth century coins, and the 1997 work produced a limited second to fourth century ceramic assemblage. Metal-working debris has also been observed in the surrounding area.

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