Muir O' Fauld Signal Station

Gask Ridge Signal Station

This signal station lies a short walk along the Gask Ridge eastwards from the Trinity Gask minor road. The site is cleared of trees and is protected by a gated chain-link fence enclosure just south of the Roman road. Its appearance, aside from different blanketing flora, mirrors that at Parkneuk, but here, the central platform, rampart, ditch, causeway and counterscarp are all readily visible.

The central platform of this watch-tower is 52 feet (c.13.8m) in diameter and lies on the south side of the military road. It was excavated in 1909 when the ditch was found to be 11 feet (c.3.35m) wide on the west, with a causeway 8½ feet wide and 9 feet long (c.2.59 x 2.74m) on the north side leading to the road. The centre of the mound lay 105 feet (32m) from the centre of the road. This watch-tower along with others spaced almost uniformly along the Roman military road into the north-east formed an early Roman frontier along the Gask Ridge in Tayside.

References for Muir O’fauld

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Map References for Muir O’fauld

NGRef: NN9818 OSMap: LR58

Roman Roads near Muir O’fauld

E (0.5) to Gask Hovse (Tayside) W (0.5) to Kirkhill (Tayside)

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