The Oakwood fort was probably founded during the campaigns of governor Agricola c.80/81AD. The pottery recovered from the site included a piece of Form 18 samian bearing the stamp of Patricius, and other decorated wares amounted to five sherds of Form 29, all of which points to an occupation during the Flavian I period.

There is a temporary marching camp situated just to the north of the Oakwood fort (at NT4225).

References for Oakwood

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Map References for Oakwood

NGRef: NT4224 OSMap: LR73

Roman Roads near Oakwood

Possible Military Road: NE (12) to Newstead (Newstead, Borders) Possible Military Road: SW (17) to Milton (Tassiesholm, Beattock, Dumfries & Galloway)

Sites near Oakwood Roman Fort