Old Oswestry

Iron Age Hillfort

Old Oswestry Hillfort Iron Age Oswestry 126(SJ:296310) 1.6km N of Oswestry, W of A483. HBMCE. Signposted. – This impressive, 5.3ha fort had a long and complicated development. The first installation of round wooden huts was undefended. Subsequently there were at least 3 phases of defense, with banks and ditches being replaced or strengthened; there were also up to 7 ramparts. The later inhabitants had huts with thick stone walls. It is thought that occupation began in the 6th century BC, but was abandoned after the Roman conquest.

tSGtBA, p.177

Old Oswestry, hill-fort (SJ/296310) 1 mile N of Oswestry (A483, A495, A4083). Finds in private hands (1959). – The long history of this hill-fort is reflected in its complicated defences. At first, 2 banks and ditches, roughly rectangular in plan, enclosed an area of 15 acres. There were 2 entrances, facing E and W. At both, the inner rampart was in-turned, a design which was not changed during the 3 ensuing periods of alteration. In stage 2 the ramparts were rebuilt and a third bank added on all except the SE side (where alone the hillside made it unnecessary). GtPE, pp.184/5

Map References for Old Oswestry – Oswestry, Salop

NGRef: SJ296310 OSMap: LR126

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