Whittington Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This roughly-rectangular camp lies on a low rise to the E of Perry Farm, the buildings of which partly overlie the camp’s SW defences. The complete outline of the camp is known or can be conjectured. The S and E sides are the most prominent, the S side being almost straight, lying along the edge of a natural E-W scarp, and the E rampart follows this same scarp northwards for about 180m, after which it angles noticeably inwards. The NE corner-angle is very acute. The N side of the camp is now delineated for about half of its length by the N side of the farm track leading to Keeper’s Cottage, which itself lies just outside the N defences. The well-rounded NW corner-angle of the camp lies in a field to the W of Berghill Lane. The only readily identifiable gateway occurs in the E side at the point where the defences change direction, just N of the central point in the rampart. The River Perry passes by the camp on the SW and a tributary stream passes about 50m outside the E defences.

References for Whittington Camp

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Map References for Whittington Camp

NGRef: SJ3530 OSMap: LR126

OS National Grid Reference: SJ350303
Dimensions: 1,080 x 1,510 ft (330 x 460 m)
Area: 38 acres (15.3 ha)

Roman Roads near Whittington Camp

None identified

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