Rhyd Sarn Practice Works 1

Industry and Practice Work

The largest of the two known Roman military practice works at Rhyd Sarn measures 255 feet from south-west to north-east by 165 feet transversely (c.78 x 50 m), enclosing an area of just under 1 acre (c.0.39 ha) within a single rampart and ditch which is remarkably well-preserved on the north. The smaller work lies some 700 feet to the west.

References for Rhyd Sarn

  • Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1961-1964 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lv (1965) p.86;

Map References for Rhyd Sarn

NGRef: SH8627 OSMap: LR124/125

OS National Grid Reference: SH860278
Dimensions: c.255 x 165 ft (c.78 x 50 m)
Area: c.1 acre (c.0.39 ha)

Roman Roads near Rhyd Sarn

Margary 66b: NE (2.5) to Caergai (Gwynedd) Margary 66b: SW (8.5) to Brithdir (Gwynedd)

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