Red House Roman Bath House

Bath House

The Military Bath-House  was discovered beside the Redhouse Burn to the south-east of Beaufront Red House during drain-laying between silage pits at Red House Farm and Red House Burn in 1955. Excavations conducted in 1956-57 uncovered the remains of military bath-house measuring some 160 feet by 140 feet overall (c.49 x 43 m), it’s walls surviving to a maximum height of 4 feet (1.33m). The layout of the rooms was described as a modified “Reihntyp” (sic) bath-house posessing an ‘unusual’ peristyle courtyard. Dateable finds consisting of quantities of late-1st Century Samian and coarse-ware pottery, several bronze brooches and a coin of Vespasian, suggest that the bath-house was built c.80ad and was deliberately demolished before ad98, having already fallen into disuse.

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