Skirrid Fawr Defended Enclosure

Iron Age Hillfort

The monument consists of the remains of a small medieval chapel located at the northern end of a large prehistoric hillfort, both situated atop an isolated and mountainous ridge. The chapel, known as St. Michael, dates to the medieval period and is characterized by low and spread foundation banks that define a rectangular space measuring 7.5m east-west by 4m transversely. The entrance on the southern side is narrow and flanked by the lower portions of two chamfered jambs. Adjacent to the chapel at the northern end is a small kidney-shaped earthwork of uncertain date.

The hillfort is believed to be of Iron Age origin and surrounds the chapel and kidney-shaped earthwork. It comprises of two concentric enclosures presumed to be of prehistoric date, extending to the south by 55m and 100m respectively. Each earthwork bank measures 0.8m in height and 1m in width. On the summit ridge, at least two hut scoops are visible. The hillfort is further enclosed by a larger defensive bank that is elongated and narrow in shape, measuring 355m north-south by 65m transversely. This bank reaches a height of up to 1.5m and a width of 2m.

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