Abergavenny (Gobannio) Vicus


This is the site of the vicus that grew up around the Abergavenny Roman fort called Gobannium.

Classical References to Abergavenny Roman Town (Gobannium)

The first mention of the Roman fort at Abergavenny occurs in the Antonine Itinerary of the late-second century, wherein Iter XII entitled “the route from Muridunum to Viroconium” details the posting stations between Carmarthen in Dyfed and Wroxeter in Shropshire. Halfway along this route is a station named Gobannio, which is listed 12 miles from Burrium (Usk, Gwent) and 22 miles from Magnis (Kenchester, Hereford & Worcester).

Abergavenny is also named in the seventh century Ravenna Cosmology as Bannio (R&C#53), between the entries for Isca Augusta (Caerleon, Gwent) and Bremia (Llanio, Dyfed).

The name Gobannium is possibly associated with mine-working- The Place of the Miners?

Sites near Abergavenny (Gobannio) Vicus