rawsgoed Roman fort is an auxillary fort overlooking the point where the Roman road between Llanio and Pen-llwyn crosses the River Ystwyth. The fort was discovered from the air by Prof. J.K. St. Joseph in April 1959, lies on the north bank of the Afon Ystwyth about 7½ miles from the river mouth. The B4340 crosses the fort diagonally, almost bisecting it. First built in the late 70s AD there appears to have been a period of abandonment towards the end of the century, followed by re-occupation and final abandonment between 125 and 130 AD. The greater part of the fort lies to the north of this road where the rampart is readily visible as a 2 foot high mound, spread out over 45 feet. The rampart south of the road is less distinct. The dimensions of the fort from the crests of the ramparts are 540 feet ENE-WSW by 410 feet transversely (c.165 x 125 m); the enclosure of 5 acres (c.2 ha), is sufficient to have held a cohors milliaria peditata, an infantry regiment of a nominal one-thousand men. A scatter of burnt clay within the interior of the fort has been taken to represent the remains of wattle-and-daub buildings. Observation from the air has revealed the presence of a civil settlement or vicus along the road to the north.

References for Trawsgoed

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Map References for Trawsgoed

NGRef: SN6772 OSMap: LR135

OS National Grid Reference: SN671727
Dimensions: c.540 x 410 ft (c.165 x 125 m)
Area: c.5 acres (c.2 ha)

Roman Roads near Trawsgoed

S (11) to Llanio (Llanio, Dyfed) Probable road: NNW (5) to Penllwyn (Dyfed)

Sites near Trawsgoed Roman Fort