Trefal Camp

The Trefal Marching Camp

OS National Grid Reference: SO021681
Dimensions: > 985 x 755 ft (> 300 x 230 m)
Area: > 17 acres (> 6.9 ha)
Description: This camp was first discovered on aerial photographs and later surveyed on the ground. It lies on a rise (@ c.255m OD) at the eastern end of a low ridge about a mile north of the Roman fort at Dolau Gaer. Only the north-west rounded corner-angle has been recorded, together with a 300m length of the western defences and a 230m length of the northern defences (c.985 x 755 feet); the area thus enclosed was at least 17 acres (> 6.9 ha). The north side was observed in 1987 as a slight earthwork consisting of an outer ditch and an inner bank.

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NGRef: SO021681 OSMap: LR136/147

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