Troutbeck Marching Camp 3

Marching or Temporary Camp

Camp 3, was constructed on the domed summit of the spur at 279 m above OD, immediately to the NE of the fort, which occupies the forward end of the spur above the steeper slopes to the S and W. Before the discovery of the fort, the camp was variously classified as a fort and a fortlet, probably on the basis that it has an additional outer mound at camp 2 there seems no reason to suggest that this much smaller site is not also a camp. It is not quite square but was laid out as a parallelogram.

There are four entrances each with external claviculae and internal clavicuar defences to the north and south. The east and west entrances are slightly offset to the south.

References for Troutbeck Marching Camp 2

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Roman Roads near Troutbeck Marching Camp 2

NE (10) to Voreda (Old Penrith, Cumbria)

Sites near Troutbeck Marching Camp 3