Salkeld Gate Fortlet


This suspected Roman fortlet lies on the line of the Roman road (Margary #7e) along the Petteril Valley in Cumbria, only 1¼ miles (c.2 km) north of the site of a possible Roman signal-station at Stonybeck; other suspect fortlets in the same system lie to the south at Brougham and Castrigg. The Salkeld Gate site is represented by a rectangular ditch with rounded corners, of which only the north side has been recorded, measuring about 120 feet (c.36.5 m), with attached portions of the east and west sides both 45 feet (c.13.7 m) in length; the rest of the site lies hidden in a different field beyond a hedge to the south. If the encampment was approximately square the enclosure would have been in the region of about 1/3-acre (c.0.13 ha). (JRS 1951 pp.53/4; Margary pp..)

References for Salkeld Gate

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Roman Roads near Salkeld Gate

N (2) to Voreda (Old Penrith, Cumbria) S (5) to Brocavvm

Sites near Salkeld Gate Fortlet