Langwathby Moor Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Cropmarks of a Roman temporary camp. The outline of a Roman camp was first recorded during aerial reconnaisance in 1992 on Langwathby Moor, just over 100 m E of Langwathby railway station (NMR AP NY 5733/1-6 (4a)) and 2.5 km NNW of the confluence of the Rivers Eden and Eamont. Situated at about132 m above OD, it occupies the top of a low NW to SE ridge which seperates the Eden Valley, some 500 m to the WSW, from the subsidiary valley of the Briggle Beck, just under 1 km to the NE. Its position provides excellent views in all directions. No Roman road network is known in the area, but the Roman fort of Brougham (Brocavum), on the main road from York to Carlisle, lies 6 km to the SW. The enclosure, measuring about 98 m from NW to SE, by 86 m transversely, is approximately rectangular. The W angle has a much larger radius than the other corners. A causeway for a gate is visible in each of the sides, with traverses in evidence at three of them. Both the NE and the SW sides coincide with slight crests, suggesting that the camp may have faced in one or other of these directions.

Map References for Langwathby Moor Camp

NGRef: NY5733 OSMap: LR90

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