Wall Marching Camp 2

Marching or Temporary Camp

Only the NW corner-angle, a 90m stretch of the N defences and a 60m length of the W rampart of this camp are recorded. The W defences are truncated by the modern A5 bypass while the N rampart disappears beneath the 3rd-century defences of the Letocetum/Wall Roman Burg. There are small gaps in the perimeter about 60m E along the N rampart, and about 30m S along the W defences, which, if they represent centrally placed gateways would mean that the original camp’s dimensions were about 100m N-s by about 150m E-W, which are typical dimensions and ratio’s for a small Roman camp of about 3¾ acre (1.5 ha).

References for Wall Camps

  • Roman Camps in England – The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

Map References for Wall Camps

NGRef: SK0906 OSMap: LR139

OS National Grid Reference: SK099064
Dimensions: c.330 x c.490 ft (c.100 x c.150 m)
Area: c.3¾ acre (1.5 ha)

Roman Roads near Wall Camps

None identified

Sites near Wall Marching Camp 2