The area around Wattisfield has a long history of pottery, brick or tile manufacture through the Roman, medieval and post-medieval periods.  The area around Pottery Hill was the location for a substantial phase of Roman pottery manufacture and clay extraction. In the early 20th century Roman pottery was frequently found by workers from Henry Watson’s Potteries at Foxledge Common, WSF 003, 600m to the northeast and, from 1935 to 1962, 18 kilns, representing a large pottery manufacturing complex, were excavated by Basil Brown.

There are two other Pottery Kilns a short way along the road east at Rickinghall (TM0475) and at Botesdale (TM0475), and another a little to the north at Market Weston (TL9977).

Map References for Wattisfield

NGRef: TM0174
OSMap: LR144

References for Wattisfield

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Roman Roads near Wattisfield

Probable road: W (7) to Ixworth Probable road: W (7) to Sitomagvs Probable road: E (8) to Villa Favstini

Sites near Wattisfield