Villa Faustini (Scole)

Minor Settlement

At the crossing of the Waveney, a Minor Settlement grew on the north bank at Scole in Norfolk. The settlement grew as a “ribbon development” along the line of the Roman road for a distance of at least 2,950 feet (900 m). Occupation of the site started during the Flavian period and continued to the 4th century. Most buildings were of timber with clay floors, others sported cemented flint walls and concrete floors, one with a portico structure. Several sites of industrial activity in the form of iron-slag were found during excavations at the site, and a couple of 1st or 2nd C. cremation burials were uncovered to the north-east of the settlement.

Traces of a temporary Roman Legionary Campaign Fort have also been found on the south bank of the Waveney at Stuston in Suffolk (TM1478), Roman finds here included six spear-heads and a variety of pottery.

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Sites near Villa Faustini (Scole)