Martlesham lies on the A12(T) road between Ipswich and Woodbridge There is only one inscription recorded in the R.I.B. for Martlesham, a shield-shaped base of bronze, which is believed to have once supported a statue.

RIB 213 - Dedication to Mars Corotiacus

To Mars Corotiacus Simplicia for herself willingly and deservedly set up this offering
Glaucus made it.

No commentary.

The Course of the Suspected Roman Road in East Suffolk

OS National Grid Reference: TM1152
Location:: Baylham House
Description: Roman forts, minor settlement
OS National Grid Reference: TM1446
Location:: Ipswich
Description: Romano-British villa
OS National Grid Reference: TM2446
Location:: Martlesham
Description: Romano-British pottery kiln
OS National Grid Reference: TM2850
Location:: Melton
Description: Romano-British tile kiln
OS National Grid Reference: TM3757
Location:: Blaxhall
Description: Romano-British pottery kiln
OS National Grid Reference: TM3758
Location:: Farnham
Description: substantial Roman building
OS National Grid Reference: TM4464
Location:: Saxmundham
Description: suspected Roman settlement

References for Martlesham

The Roman Inscriptions of Britain by R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright (Oxford 1965). 

Map References for Martlesham

NGRef: TM2547 OSMap: LR156/169?

Roman Roads near Martlesham

Possible Road: WNW (10) to Combretovium (Baylham House, Suffolk) Possible Road: NE (15) to Saxmvndham (Suffolk) River Deben: SE (9) to Walton Castle (Suffolk)

Sites near Martlesham