Cohors Primae Vangionum [milliaria] – The First Cohort of Vangiones, (one -thousand strong)

The Vangiones were a Belgic tribe from the upper Rhine. The First Cohort of Vangiones was a mixed unit of both horse and foot soldiers known as a cohors equitata, and were a nominal one-thousand strong (cohors milliaria). It is possible that they were split into two quingenary cohorts during the Hadrianic period as they are attested both at Chesters in Northumberland and also at Benwell in Tyne & Wear, both forts on Hadrian’s Wall. They were apparently reunited as a single force at Risingham in Northumberland, beyond the Wall during the mid-third century.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Primae Vangionum [milliaria] in Britain

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  8. Risingham (RIB 1215; 1216 altar?; 1217 altar; 1230 altar; 1231 altar; 1234 205-208AD; 1235 213AD; 1241-1243; 1261a).