Cohors Secundae Lingonum

This regiment contained a nominal five-hundred foot soldiers who were originally recruited from among the Lingones tribe inhabiting the Adriatic coast of Northern Italy, the old province of Cisalpine Gaul. Alternately; they were a part-mounted unit numbering five-hundred men, levied from the Lingones tribe of Upper Germany, now the Dijon region of France. They are recorded in stone on two undated inscriptions recovered from Moresby on the Cumbrian Coast where they possibly formed the original Hadrianic garrison. They are also attested on stamped tiles and an undated altar at the Ilkley fort in Yorkshire, probably sometime during the second-century.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Secundae Lingonum in Britain

  1. Military Diplomata (AD 98)
  2. Military Diplomata 122AD
  3. Military Diplomata – 124AD (RIB 2401.6)
  4. Military Diplomata c AD126
  5. Military Diplomata (AD 158)
  6. Ilkley (RIB 635, altar).
  7. Moresby (RIB 798 altar; et 800).
  8. Drumburgh (Notitia Dignitatum).