Cohors Secundae Thracum

This unit was part-mounted and contained a nominal five-hundred men recruited from amongst the various tribes of Thrace, who inhabited the area between the Ăgean and Black Seas, a region which encompassed modern southern Bulgaria, eastern Macedonia and Turkey west of the Bosporous. The regiment was probably stationed in the fort at Mumrills in the middle of the second century. They are later attested on the Cumbrian coast at Moresby in the Notitia Dignitatum, and this documentary evidence is backed-up by various undated epigraphic evidence from within this fort.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Secundae Thracum in Britain

  1. Military Diplomata 122AD
  2. Mumrills (RIB 2142 tombstone).
  3. Moresby (RIB 797 base; et 803; et 804 tombstone; Notitia Dignitatum).