Cohors Tertiae Nerviorum – The Third Cohort of Nervii

This five-hundred strong infantry regiment were recruited from among the tribesmen of the Nervii from central Belgica. They are named on an undated altar to Victorious Mars from Chesterholm on Hadrian’s Wall, and although this unit is named on a tombstone from Maryport on the Cumbrian coast, the person interned apparently requested in his will that his memorial stone be placed there, therefore, we cannot presume that Cohors III Nerviorum were ever stationed at the Alauna fort. Their final posting in Britain was as the late-fourth century garrison of Lancaster in north-west England, where they are listed in the Notitia Dignitatum.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Tertiae Nerviorum in Britain

  1. Military Diplomata 122AD
  2. Military Diplomata – 124AD (RIB 2401.6)
  3. Maryport (RIB 879a tombstone).
  4. Chesterholm (RIB 1691 altar?).
  5. Lancaster (Notitia Dignitatum).