Gofannon fab Dôn

Gofannon, a Middle Welsh rendition of the Celtic deity Gobannus, appears in Middle Welsh literature as a skilled metalworker and the son of Dôn. His name finds parallels with terms like “gobae” in Old Irish, meaning ‘smith’, and “gof” in Middle Welsh, Cornish, and Breton, also signifying ‘smith’, reflecting his association with craftsmanship. This association extends to Gaulish and Lithuanian cognates, suggesting a broader cultural significance.

In Welsh mythology, Gofannon unknowingly slays his nephew, Dylan Ail Don, adding a tragic dimension to his character. Additionally, Culhwch, in the quest for Olwen’s hand, is tasked with securing Gofannon’s assistance in sharpening his brother Amaethon’s plough, showcasing Gofannon’s expertise and importance in the narrative.