Taexali Celtic Tribe

The Taexali (or Taezali) one of the Iron Age tribes in the north-eastern coast of Scotland.

The Realm of the Taexali according to Ptolemy

“More toward the east are the Taezali [sic] and the town: Devana 26*00 59°00″

The Geography of Ptolemy

The Taexali tribe occupied/inhabited coastal regions of south-east Grampian and north-east Tayside.

The Civitas Taexalorum The Principal Tribal Centre

Devana (Aberdeen)

Suspected minor Romano-British settlement at the mouth of the River Dee

Other passages in Ptolemy Book II Chapter 2 give the ancient names of a number of rivers and other geographical features within the territories of the Taexali tribe:

Taezalon Prom.27*3058°30[= Taexalorum Prom. = Kinnaird’s Head, Grampian]
Devana26*0059°00[?= Devana= Aberdeen, Grampian?]