Sea Mills (Abona) Roman Building

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Roman Building at Sea Mills. Lying at the junction of Roman Way with the Portway, this was possibly a workshop or an office in the Roman town of Abonae. It was probably constructed during the AD 200s.

Excavations were undertaken by Selley (Alfred Jowett Selley (1854–1945)) adjacent to the Portway in 1934. They uncovered a small building with several rooms that may have been arranged around a small courtyard. It has been interpreted as workshops. The remains were consolidated and are now exposed.

Visiting Sea Mills (Abona) Roman Building

Parking is on the road. Small swing gate was open to allow access. There not much to see, but you can easily combine it with a visit to Kings Weston Villa, which makes it a little more interesting.

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Visiting Sea Mills (Abona) Roman Building


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