Akeman Street (Cambridgeshire)

Roman Road

Akeman Street is the name given to a Roman road in eastern England that runs from Cambridgeshire to the north coast of Norfolk. It is approximately 75 miles (120 km) long and runs roughly north-northeast.

Akeman Street joined Ermine Street near Wimpole Lodge, then ran northeast to the settlement at Cambridge (Duroliponte) , where it crossed a Roman road now known as the Via Devana. Within north Cambridge, the road followed the present-day Stretten Avenue, Carlton Way and Mere Way running northeast past Landbeach before joining the present A10 and on towards Ely and The Fens. It then reached Denver and the coast at Branodunum (Brancaster) .

The road was constructed on top of an earlier trackway some time in the 2nd Century CE, or later, and it has been speculated that it was part of the creation of an imperial estate under Hadrian.

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