Great Stukeley Barrows


Great Stukeley Roman Barrows  sits astride the Ermine Street Roman road about 3 miles (5km) north-west of the Romano-British settlement of Durovigutum (Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire). Here, situated to either side of the old highway there are two Roman barrows, burial mounds or tumuli.

  • Barrow Mound A (TL 2199 7457; Scheduled 2000-10-06 #33351) Lying to the east of the Ermine Street 200 yards (180m) from Barrow B and about 500 yards (c.450m) south-west of Stukeley Hall, this flat-topped barrow rises like a truncated cone about 6½ feet (c.2m) from the base of its surrounding ditch, which measures about 75 feet (c.23m) in diameter.
  • Barrow Mound B (TL 2189 7473; Scheduled 2000-09-08 #33352) Situated to the west of Ermine Street about 320 yards (c.290 metres) east of Saint Bartholomew’s Church, this flat-topped mound rises 5 feet (c.1.5m) above the general level of the field and is surrounded by a circular ditch 65 feet (20m) in diameter, measuring around 4½ feet deep and about 4 feet wide (c.1.4 x 1.2 m).

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NGRef: TL218746 OSMap: LR?

Roman Roads near Great Stukeley Barrows

Ermine Street: NNW (16) to Dvrobrivae Catvvellorvm (Water Newton, Cambridgeshire) Ermine Street: SE (3) to Godmanchester

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