Black Down was probably a fortlet or signal station.

… Examination of a rectangular earthwork found defences comprising rampart, V-sectioned ditch and counterscarp bank enclosing an area of c. 0.1 ha. (¼-acre). A single entrance on the east side was furnished with a pair of post-holes: a possible ascensus was identified in the north-east angle, but there were no internal buildings. The only finds consisted of Durotrigian pottery sealed beneath the rampart.” (Britannia, 1971))

In 1970 Bill Putnam, then of Weymouth College of Education (and later of Bournemouth University), decided to carry out an archaeological excavation at the Black Down ‘fortlet’ in order to test the idea that it might have served as a signalling station for the Roman garrison at Waddon Hill.

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  • Britannia ii (1971) p.279.

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NGRef: SY603881 OSMap: LR194

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None identified

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