Brean Down Temple

Temple Or Shrine

Square temple located on the rocky peninsula south of Weston-super-Mare. Plaster was found on the outer wall of the cella; voussoir stones have also been found, which probably indicate celestory windows. The outer portico measured c.44 x 43 ft., the cella 26½ ft. square, all walls were around 2 ft. thick. The temple faced south-east. Originally built c. 340AD, the porch and annexes were added c. 355, and it was “ransacked by barbarians” c. 367. (Type Ic, or Ib)

References for Brean Down Temple

  • Temples in Roman Britain by M.J.T. Lewis (Cambridge 1966).

Map References for Brean Down Temple

NGRef: ST293588 OSMap: LR182

Roman Roads near Brean Down Temple

None identified