Burrow Camp Shropshire

Iron Age Hillfort

Burrow is a hill in Shropshire with an Iron Age hill fort at the summit known as Burrow Camp.

Burrow Camp, hill-fort (SO/382831) 3¼ miles W of Craven Arms (A49, B4368), ½ mile W of Hopesay. – This hill-fort is pear-shaped and encloses 5 acres. On the NW, where the hill is steepest, there is a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank, with an isolated bank inside, 300 ft. long. Elsewhere there are 4 banks and ditches. There appear to be 4 original entrances. That at the SW is a passageway through the ‘apex’ of the fort, protected on both sides by the converging ramparts. It resembles the arrangements at Croft Ambrey. There is an elaborate entrance in the S side, where all the rampart ends are in-turned, the innermost turning N for nearly 100 ft. Further to the E a third gap in the defences seems to be original because the ends of the ramparts are slightly staggered as they face each other across the causeway. The fourth entance faces NE. Here the approach to the interior is blocked by the innermost rampart which is in-turned atan oblique angle ; this prevents direct access to the interior. There are traces of additional earthworks at the centre of the camp. These cannot be explained until the site is excavated.

GtPE, pp.183

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NGRef: SO382831 OSMap: LR137

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