Caer Dynnaf Hillfort

Iron Age Hillfort

Caer Dynnaf is a remarkable example of a multivallate hillfort from the mid to late Iron Age period. The ramparts of the hillfort are well-preserved in certain areas, particularly the west end where the original profile can still be discerned. The construction of this hillfort, likely taking place in the latter half of the first millennium BC, between 400 BC and the Roman Conquest in AD 74, required significant effort by its builders.

Additionally, remains of a medieval masonry structure can be found at the east end of the hillfort, adding to its historical significance and indicating later periods of occupation and use. Caer Dynnaf stands as a testament to the intricate and strategic hillfort construction during the Iron Age, and its well-preserved features provide valuable insights into ancient settlement patterns and social dynamics.

Sites near Caer Dynnaf Hillfort