Caerau Hillfort, Llantrisant

Iron Age Hillfort

The enclosure is characterized by a double bank and ditch system, along with a counterscarp bank, although much of the latter, as well as the outer ditch, have been destroyed. Along most of the circuit, the defences consist of two closely spaced banks and ditches, along with a counterscarp bank, although these features have been destroyed except for the northeast section and a short length on the west side. The best-preserved profile measures approximately 30m horizontally and 7.5m vertically overall, with no evidence of stone revetment.

On the steeper hillside to the south, the outer defences were omitted, but the innermost rampart appears to have continued along the crest of the slope, although it has been levelled. The entrance to the enclosure is located on the southeast side, where the inner and middle banks diverge, leaving an irregular space of approximately 0.3 hectares between them. The entrance through each rampart is a passage about 7.5m wide, flanked by parallel interned banks that are now only about 0.6m high. The passage is approximately 15m long through the outer defences and about 28m long through the inner defences. The ramparts near the entrance do not seem to have been accompanied by ditches or the counterscarp bank.

The enclosed area measures approximately 230m from east to west and 180m from north to south.

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