Coesike East Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Coesike East Temporary Camp lies just over 260 feet (80m) to the north-east of Camps-1 & 2, and is almost perfectly rectangular in outline. There are gates with external tituli located centrally in the south, east and west sides, though any similar structures which may originally have existed on the north are now obscured by modern drains. Traces of the rampart exist only in the south-east corner but the ditch is readily apparent.

Map References for Coesike

NGRef: NY821705 OSMap: Hadrian’s Wall, OL43, LR87.

OS National Grid Reference: NY818702
Dimensions: 148 x 164 ft (45 x 50 m)
Area: c.½ acre (0.2 ha)

Roman Roads near Coesike

Military Way: W (2.75) to Vercovicivm (Housesteads, Northumberland) Military Way: E (2.25) to Brocolitia

Sites near Coesike East Temporary Camp