Brown Dikes Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Brown Dikes Temporary Marching Camp is a small camp is situated on Brown Moor ½-mile south of Hadrian’s Wall about half-way between Mile Castle 32 at Carraw and Mile Castle 33 at Shield-on-the-Wall; the Wall fort of Brocolitia (Carrawburgh, Northumberland) lies only 1½ miles to ENE. Despite being fairly close to the Wall it appears likely that this camp was not connected with the Hadrianic barrier, being situated a little too far away from the communicating roads serving the Wall, unlike the nearby Northumberland camps at Limestone Corner and Walwick Fell in the east and the three camps at Coesike in the west, all of which lie much closer to the Wall and are generally assumed, due to their proximity, to represent Hadrianic work camps.

This small, almost perfectly square camp has four gates, one positioned in the centre of each side, each of which was protected by external titulum outworks. The footings of several (Anglo-Saxon) shielings have been discovered within the camp, arranged along the south and east sides.

Map References for Brown Dikes Camp

NGRef: NY839702 OSMap: LR87

OS National Grid Reference: NY839702
Dimensions: 220 x 220 feet (67 x 67 m)
Area: c.1.1 acres (c.0.4ha)

Roman Roads near Brown Dikes Camp

None identified

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