Coggeshall Roman Settlement

Possible Roman Settlement

There is evidence of a Roman villa or settlement before then and the town lies on Stane Street, which may have been built on a much earlier track.

Two excavations in 1984-85 have identified the E and S sides of a substantial early Roman enclosure. Occupation beginning in 1st century AD declined before mid 2nd century but saw a resurgence in early 4th. No building was located. There is evidence of LBA/EIA occupation, and a quern for ?mustard came from a postmed pit. Au (abr FB/Ed)

The drainage aqueducts of Stane Street are still visible in the cellar of the Chapel Inn today. Roman coins dating from 31 BC to AD 395 have been found in the area and Coggeshall has been considered the site of a Roman station mentioned in the Itineraries of Antoninus. Coggeshall is situated at a ford of the River Blackwater, part of another path running from the Blackwater Valley to the Colne Valley. Where these paths crossed a settlement started.

Sites near Coggeshall Roman Settlement