Denver Villa

Roman Building and Settlement

Roman material has been recovered from a 2.75 kilometer stretch of the Fen Causeway, in agricultural land in the parishes of Denver (TL5700), Downham West (TL5800) and Nordelph (TL5900). Aerial photographs show a number of rectilinear enclosures, the majority of which lie to the north of the causeway.

Pottery ranging from the late-first to the fourth centuries was found. Hypocaust and roof-tiles concentrated around one point, indicate the presence of a substantial Roman building in the area.

A Roman road to Duroliponte (Cambridge) possibly joined up with the Fen Causeway a little to the east, in the area of Downham market.

References for Denver

  • Roadside Settlements in Lowland Roman Britain by Roger Finch Smith (B.A.R. British Series #157, 1987) pp.172/3.

Map References for Denver

NGRef: TF5700 OSMap: LR143

Roman Roads near Denver

Fen Causeway: ENE (20) to Kempstone Fen Causeway: W (26) to Longthorpe (Cambridgeshire) SSW (28) to Dvroliponte (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire)