Ditchley Roman Villa


Ditchley Roman Villa was occupied from c 70 – 5th century AD. It consisted of a rectangular, walled and ditched enclosure 300 yds square, within which in the beginning were a wooden house and other simple buildings. The wooden house was replaced by a stone house with a tiled roof, and this was later extended. About AD 200 the house was burnt and then deserted, but later reoccupied and replanned as a two storey winged corridor house. Within the enclosure was a well, a circular threshing floor and a granary, which replaced some earlier buildings. Coins, pottery and other finds indicate an occupation period from about AD 70 into the 5th century.

This site of a Roman Villa at Ditchley was excavated in 1935. There are no surface indications of either the building or excavation and no surface finds were made. Oxford Museum (Woodstock) hold a large collection of plans and photographs of the excavation. All finds are in the Ashmolean Oxford.

Sites near Ditchley Roman Villa