A Romano-British settlement site of 1st to 4th century date recognised over the years from 1907 by finds of pottery, coins, etc, including coins and a buckle from a garden in the village. Pottery, coins, fragmentary foundations and 15 inhumations excavated by Dr A E Peake in fields either side of the main road south of Asthall chruch. Coins and pottery from trenchs dug by G S Bowles to locate the Roman road south west of River Windrush for a distance of some 150 yards. It was also noted that lines of foundations were detected in the corn in a dry summer in OS field 99 (centred SP 290112) over an area of 8 acres, appearing to represent streets rather than buildings. The farmer and others have collections of coins and pottery from this field. In 1947 rescue excavations for MOW located the following structures: two wells and a rubbish pit; two floors or yards at different levels, mortar pits and hearths; a dry stone wall 120ft long, incomplete at the ends; a possible kiln; period of occupation mid 1st to 4th century. Belgic pottery was found at the bottom of one well. This pottery, the general nature of the site and two small cult objects found in 1955 led to the suggestion that the site was of a ritual nature.

P M M Cook suggested the site was connected with a mansio on Akeman Street (halfway between Alchester and Silchester).

Map References for Asthall

NGRef: SP2811 OSMap: LR163

Roman Roads near Asthall

ENE (19) to Alchester (Oxfordshire) WSW (18) to Corinivm (Cirencester, Gloucestershire) ENE (8) to North Leigh Possible Road: ESE (14) to North Oxford (Oxfordshire) Akeman Street: ENE (6) to Wilcote

Sites near Asthall