The Roman settlement extends along either side of the Fosse Way for c.200 metres to the north-east and c.450 metres to the south-west of the ford over the River Windrush. The settlement also extended eastwards along the northern side of the Windrush valley for c.700 metres. The earliest samian recovered is Neronian, and coins range from Roman Republican issues (10), Tiberius (5), Claudius (1) and Nero (2). The latest is an issue of Honorius. None of the buildings excavated ante-date the second century, though that does not neccessarily mean that the area was uninhabited before that time, especially since pottery from the late first up to the fourth centuries has been recovered from elsewhere on the site.

There are villas nearby at Lower Swell (SP1826) near Stow-on-the-Wold on the Fosse Way to the north-east, and at Clear Cupboard (SP1315) just off the Fosse Way to the south-west. Substantial Roman buildings lie to the north-east at Chessels (SP1723) and Broadwell (SP1928).

References for Bourton

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NGRef: SP1620 OSMap: LR163

Roman Roads near Bourton

Ryknild Street: NNW (24) to Alcester Fosse Way: NNE (8) to Dorn Fosse Way: SW (15) to Corinivm (Cirencester, Gloucestershire) SW (9) to Chedworth

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