Wycomb lies eleven miles due north of Corinium Dobunnorum (Cirencester) and eleven miles due east of Glevum (Gloucester). There is a Roman road two miles to the east of the settlement which emerged from Cirencester (Corinium Dobunnorum) to the south, and proceeded in a northerly direction. The northern terminus of this road was possibly Alcester to the north, but may also have been either Vertis (Worcester) or Salinae (Droitwich Spa) to the north-north-west. Judging from the amount of incidental Roman finds along the Vale of Evesham, I am more inclined to favour Alcester as the likely destination; only time (and a little digging) will tell.

There are numerous villas in the neighbourhood; at Whittington (SP0120), Wadfield (SP0226), Withington (SP0314), Compton Grove (SP0416), Spoonley Wood (SP0425), Listercombe Bottom (SP0711) and the famous villa and temple at Chedworth (SP0513) lies just five miles to the south.

Map References for Wycomb

NGRef: SP0220 OSMap: LR163

Roman Roads near Wycomb

None identified

Sites near Wycomb
  • Exeter (Isca Dumnoniorum) Roman Fort
    Legionary Fort
  • Ham Hill Roman Fort
    Claudian Auxiliary Fort (AD 43–54)
  • Ilchester (Lindinis) Roman Fort
    Flavian Auxiliary Fort (AD 69–96) and Vicus
  • West Coker Villa
  • Shepton Mallet
    Pottery and Settlement
  • Andover (Leucomagus) Roman Settlement
    Minor Settlement
  • Dorchester (Durnovaria) Roman Settlement
    Aqueduct and Minor Settlement
  • Camerton Settlement
    Iron-work and Minor Settlement
  • Aquae Sulis (Bath)
    Roman Spa Town and Roman Temple Or Shrine
  • Nettleton Roman settlement
    Pewter Working, Possible British Settlement, Temple Or Shrine and Villa
  • Easton Grey Roman Settlement
    Minor Settlement
  • Cirencester (Corinium Dobunnorum) Roman Fort
    Neronian Auxiliary Fort (AD 54–68), Vexillation Fort and Vicus
  • Chedworth Roman Villa
  • Bourton
    Major Settlement
  • Dorn
    Minor Settlement
  • Ettington Settlement
    Possible Minor Settlement
  • High Cross (Venonis) Roman Fort
    Flavian Auxiliary Fort (AD 69–96) and Minor Settlement
  • Leicester (Ratae Coritanorvm) Roman Town
    British Civita and Probable Vexillation Fort
  • Willoughby On The Wolds (Vernemeto) Roman Settlement
    Minor Settlement
  • East Bridgford (Margidunum) Roman Settlement
    Minor Settlement
  • East Stoke (Ad Pontem) Roman Settlement
    Fortlet and Minor Settlement
  • Crococalana Settlement
    Major Settlement
  • Chesterton Settlement
    Minor Settlement