North Leigh Villa


Excavations conducted on site B were completed in 1969 and revealed five phases of construction:

  1. The postholes of a circular timber hut about 12 feet (c.3.7m) in diameter, represented the first building on the site.
  2. In the Flavian period a rectangular stone building of 10 rooms arranged east-west, with a further room attached to each end to form short south-facing wings. This was augmented during the early-2nd century by a corridor along the east, north and western sides.
  3. The house was reconstructed and enlarged in the mid-2nd century at which time it measured about 47 x 137 feet (14.3 x 41.8 m). This building had a channelled-hypocaust fitted in the early-3rd century.
  4. Most of the building was demolished in the mid-3rd century leaving only 5 rooms standing at the west end, which continued in use until the end of the 3rd century.
  5. A small timber shed was erected on the site around 350AD and remained in use until about 430.

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Roman Roads near North Leigh Villa

ENE (11) to Alchester (Oxfordshire) WSW (8) to Asthall (Oxfordshire)