Drumlanrig Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

First plotted on aerial photographs in 1984, the south-east side of this camp remains unlocated.

Three camps are known close to Drumlanrig, on the River Nith, with two farther south on the east side of the river (Carronbridge and possibly Waterside Mains). Only parts of the two camps immediately south of the fort are known, with the camp at Islafoot lying across the river. The fort and camps I and II lie in the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle; because most of the area is in parkland, it is possible that more wait to be found. The fort is suspected to have Flavian origins (Maxwell and Wilson 1987: 19–20) and is known to have Antonine phases (Hunter 2005: 401–2; see above, Chapter 6).

Both the fort and camps were discovered in 1984 by RCAHMS as cropmarks from the air (Frere 1985a: 267). Camps I and II lie on a low terrace close to the river. Camp I measures about 105m from north-east to south-west by about 87m enclosing almost 1ha (2.4 acres). A titulus is visible in its north-west side. Camp II lies immediately west of this camp, and measures 229m by 159m, enclosing almost 3.5ha (8.6 acres). No entrances are known. The two camps may intersect one another, or camp I could represent an annexe to its larger neighbour.

A series of pits are visible running in a line parallel to and outside the south-west side of camp II . They have a slightly irregular appearance and may be the remains of ovens (see above, section 7f ).

R H Jones

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OS National Grid Reference: NX857988
Dimensions: c.490 x 390 ft (c.150 x 120 m)
Area: c.4¼ acres (c.1.8 ha)

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