Easter Cadder Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This camp is situated at the north east end of a low ridge, 130m south east of the point where the Antonine Wall crossed Park Burn. No trace of the structure can now be seen on the surface, but most of the perimeter has been revealed by crop marking on air photographs. The camp measured some 122m in length from north north west to south south east by 113m transversely, the area enclosed being approximately 1.4ha (3.5 acres). The positions of the gates, at least one of which appears to have been protected by a titulum, indicate that the camp probably faced north north west. Although significantly smaller than camps of the series discovered at the end of Antonine Wall, it may possibly have accommodated one of the legionary vexillations engaged in the construction of that frontier.

References for Easter Cadder Camp

  • Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1955-7 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xlviii (1958) pp.89/90.

Map References for Easter Cadder Camp

NGRef: NS6473 OSMap: LR64

OS National Grid Reference: NS643734
Dimensions: c.400 x 400 ft (c.122 x 122 m)
Area: <3¾ acres (c.1.48 ha)

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None identified

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