Glasgow Bridge Roman Fortlet


The Roman fortlet at Glasgow Bridge is attached to the south side of the Wall, on the flank of a north-eastwards jutting promontory overlooking the River Kelvin, in fields to the immediate east of the B807 bridge over the Forth and Clyde Canal, between the road and the canal. The fortlet measures only about 100 ft. square, which is an area of just under ¼-acre (30 x 30 m; 0.09 ha). There is an entrance in the centre of the south defences.

There are other similar stations along the Wall at Wilderness Plantation and Duntocher, while nearby, the temporary camp at Easter Cadder lies about half a mile away on a hillock at the north-eastern end of the promontory (NS6473), about half-way between the Glasgow Bridge fortlet and the fort at Kirkintilloch.

No inscriptions on stone are recorded in the R.I.B. for Glasgow Bridge.

References for Glasgow Bridge

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Roman Roads near Glasgow Bridge

Antonine Wall: W (1.25) to Cadder (Strathclyde) Antonine Wall: E (1) to Kirkintilloch (Strathclyde)

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