Wilderness Plantation Fortlet

Antonine Wall Fortlet and Fortlet

This small enclosure is attached to the south side of the Antonine Wall and measures 120 ft. N-S by 100 ft. E-W. The double ditch system is interrupted in the centre of the S side for a gateway. The area enclosed is just over ¼-acre (0.03ha), closely similar in size to other Wall fortifications at Duntocher and Watling Lodge.

The Wilderness Plantation fortlet was excavated in 1965/6, and Wilderness West, a small enclosure lying along the line of the wall to the west of the fortlet was excavated in 1980. No Roman coins were recovered from the fortlet but a single dupondius of Hadrian was found at Wilderness West.

There are no inscriptions on stone recorded in the R.I.B. for the Wilderness Plantation fortlet.

References for Wilderness Plantation

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Roman Roads near Wilderness Plantation

Antonine Wall: W (1) to Balmvildy (Strathclyde) Antonine Wall: E (1.25) to Cadder (Strathclyde)

Sites near Wilderness Plantation Fortlet