Easter Happrew Roman Fort

Flavian Auxiliary Fort (AD 69–96) and Vicus

The 3½ acre (c.1.4 ha) fort at Easter Happrew was discovered in 1955 on aerial photographs taken by the R.A.F., the platform of the fort being readily observable on vertical A.P.’s taken in oblique light (NT 194401). The site was excavated by Dr. Kenneth Steer, and although no dateable pottery or samian ware was recovered from the environs of the fort, the foundation is thought to be early-Flavian.

It is possible that an extra-mural vicus settlement survived after the fort had been abandoned and was taken into consideration during the Antonine re-occupation of the area, as all of the military encampments dating to this period were constructed just to the north of the Easter Happrew site at Lyne, about half a mile to the north-west.

References for Easter Happrew

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Map References for Easter Happrew

NGRef: NT1940 OSMap: LR72

Roman Roads near Easter Happrew

Probable Track: N (1) to Lyne (Borders)

Sites near Easter Happrew Roman Fort