Eshiels Temporary Camps

Marching or Temporary Camp

Two overbuilt camps at this location/

Eshiels Camp 1

OS National Grid Reference: NT281395
Dimensions: 920 x 775 ft (280 x 236 m)
Area: 16¼ acres (6.6 ha)
Description: Discovered on aerial photographs in the early-1960’s this camp lies within the larger Camp #2, sharing its western side.

Eshiels Camp 2

OS National Grid Reference: NT281395
Dimensions: c.1,150 x 1,050 ft (c.350 x 320 m)
Area: c.27¾ acres (c.11.2 ha)
Description: There are indications on A.P.’s that this camp may have Stracathro-like gateways, which, if proven, would date the founding of the site to the campaigns of Agricola c.80/81 AD . The smaller camp #2 lies wholly within this camp, sharing part of its west side.

There is another camp a few miles to the south-east at Innerleithen, and the multi-period settlement and military complex at Easter Happrew lies about 6 miles to the west along the valley of the Lyne Water past modern Peebles, all these sites lying along the line of a postulated but unproven Roman road through the Moorfoot and Pentland Hills from the major military base at Newstead/Trimontium.

References for Eshiels Camps

  • Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1961-64 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lv (1965) pp.78/9; Britannia xxvii (1996) p.405.

Map References for Eshiels Camps

NGRef: NT2839 OSMap: LR73

Roman Roads near Eshiels Camps

None identified

Sites near Eshiels Temporary Camps