North Slipperfield Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Description: Discovered from the air in 1995, the outline of this rectangular camp is incomplete, with only three sides being recorded. A long length of the NW side and a shorter stretch of the NE side still survive as earthworks visible as plantation boundaries.

There is a nearby fortlet along the line of the Roman road to the north-east at Tocherknowe (NT1452).

References for Slipperfield Camp

Britannia xxvii (1996) p.404.

Map References for Slipperfield Camp

NGRef: NT1352 OSMap: LR72

OS National Grid Reference: NT130520
Dimensions: x ft ( x m)
Area: 27 acres (11 ha)

Roman Roads near Slipperfield Camp

NE (4.5) to Carlops (Lothian) SW (4.5) to Kirkhovse (Strathclyde)

Sites near North Slipperfield Marching Camp