Harding's Down, East Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Harding’s Down, East Camp is a partial contour hillfort located on the summit of Harding’s Down on the Gower Peninsula. It is characterized by moderate to strong surrounding slopes and has an internal area of approximately 0.9 hectares. The fort consists of a semi-circular single rampart with a ditch in some places, and another short stretch on the western side with remains of a stone revetment on its inner face, suggesting that the enclosure may have been unfinished.

On the eastern side downslope, there is an uncompleted outer enclosure or possible annexe, which is surrounded by a slighter low bank. There is no trace of a setting out ditch where banks are absent, but a short isolated rampart suggests the possible position of the western end of the site. The fort has a simple gap entrance located in the middle of the eastern side.

The site is currently used as upland pasture, but it is damaged, possibly due to past human activities or natural erosion. Minimal investigations have been conducted at the site, and its exact date and purpose remain undated. However, it is depicted on the 1st Edition Ordnance Survey map from 1879, indicating its historical significance as a defensive structure in the area. Further research and investigation may provide more insights into the site’s significance and history.

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