Llanddewi, Port Eynon

Iron Age Hillfort

Llanddewi in Port Eynon is the site of a prehistoric rectilinear earthwork enclosure. It has a sub-square plan, measuring approximately 64.0 meters east-west by 66.0 meters transversely. The west side is slightly curved, while the other sides are straight with rounded corners. The outer bank of the enclosure is about 10.0 meters wide and less than 0.2 meters high internally. The ditch, which is approximately 10.0 meters wide and up to 0.3 meters deep, has a bank that stands 0.7 meters above the base of the ditch. The entrance to the enclosure was located in the eastern half of the northern side. However, the site has been significantly reduced and spread due to ploughing, which has likely impacted its original form and features.

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